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195 Continental Trailer Tire and Cruiser Aluminum Wheel 22570 R195 8 lug G 87MPH USA

195 Continental Trailer Tire and Cruiser Aluminum Wheel 22570 R195 8 lug G 87MPH USA

Why upgrade your 16 or 17.5 wheels to 19.5 Boar Wheels19.5 Tires are proven to have an extended commercial tire lifeAccording to Forest River Forums, The mileage expectation of a trailer tire is 5,000 to 12,000 miles. According to Vehq, The mileage lifespan for a standard trailer tire is about 5,000 to 12,000 miles. This range can vary, but on average it's a good starting guideline.With Boar Wheels and 19.5 Tires, customers have reported over 150,000 miles before replacementInvesting in these wheels now, will save you hundreds, even thousands in time, labor, and money in the future by increasing overall tire life, eliminating blowouts and downtime. Increased tow and load capacities 6,050 lbs. load capacity per wheel versus the standard 16 trailer wheels up to even 17.5 trailer wheels. Improved fuel economy when towingCustomers have reported a 1 2 mpg improvementHaving 19.5 wheels give you access to commercial grade LT American made, brand name tires that have been proven reliable in the automotive market for yearsThey have been used reliably for decades on fleet vehicles like FedEx and UPS delivery trucks and most medium duty trucks including Ford F450 and bigger, Dodge 4500 and bigger, and GM 4500 and bigger. This group is the majority of the utility company trucks, railroad service trucks, regional food service trucks, emergency vehicles, and moreIf you own an SRW Single Rear Wheel Truck, you can match your tires and wheels with your trailerThese wheels will easily fit on you 6000 lbs to 9000 lbs single wheel axles on a lug centric wheel type and will fit your 10000 lbs to 12000 lbs dual wheel applications on the hub centric wheel type with often times only a 1 increase in overall tire height19.5 Tires have a superior warrantyLast, but not least, the speed rating on 19.5 tires are superior and can have up to a speed rating of 87mph in contrast to a standard trailer tire with a speed rating of only 65MPHDon't believe us Watch these videosCustomer Review Video 119.5 Wheel Benefits Video 2 Trailer Tire Specs Brand Continental Trailer Tire Size 22570 R19.5Model HS3Load Capacity 3970 lbsLoad Range GTread Depth 1632Outer Diameter 31.9Max PSI 110Warranty 7 YearMade In USA Continental Tire Features Two layer tread construction combines high mileage performance in the cap compound with significant rolling resistance improvements in the base compound. Narrowed groove widths result in increased pattern volume which improves wear resistance to guarantee high mileage performance. Pocket sipe technology with full depth sipes to enhance water displacement and improve wet performance over the life of the tire. Trailer Wheel Specs Wheel Size 19.5 x 6.75Weight Rating 6,050lbs. PSI 125Offset 0Lug Pattern 8 on 6.5Stud Size 916Centering Lug CentricCenter Bore 4.9Material Aluminum Aluminum vs. Steel WheelsAluminum Wheels have a more aesthetic and expensive lookAluminum Wheels are made of a stronger material thus have a higher capacityAluminum Wheels have a much higher corrosion resistance When to and when not to upgrade to 19.5 boar wheelIt is smart to upgrade to 19.5 Boar Wheels if you own an RV or trailer that you use on a regular basis and need reliable tires and wheelsMany of our customers upgrade to 19.5 Boar Wheels just because their trailers are expensive and high quality and they seek a trailer tire and wheel of the same caliber look, and quality. Do not upgrade to 19.5 Boar Wheels if you do not utilize your trailer often enough to justify the investment. Do not upgrade to 19.5 Boar Wheels if blowouts and downtime aren't a concern

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